The Clear Path

To bring clean water to those in need.

Connect For Water is a social impact not-for-profit founded on the belief that there is a clear path to help people throughout the world address their safe water needs. This path, based on our years of experience, focuses on improving local access to water treatment solutions, so local people can easily get what they need to improve their lives through clean water.


Our starting point…

With the vision of our founder – Lou Haveman , a lifetime veteran of international ministry and business, others joined him in this crusade to bring clean water to those in need. This small team saw first-hand the struggle of developing countries to provide real solutions to the water crisis. There plan is that instead of providing water that could easily be contaminated, they wanted to create solutions that provided not only relief but sustainability through consistent methods.

Out of years of experience to facilitate the sales and distribution of water products and solutions to those in need and affected by bad water and disasters throughout the world, Connect For Water was founded in partnership with Business Connect to provide people living in developing countries with affordable and easy access to sustainable clean water.

Our Mission is to bring clean water to those in need.

In doing so, we are building a sustainable foundation of business and partnerships across the globe to avert the suffering caused from limited access to clean water. We know that in the world marketplace you will find three general groups of individuals. Those with limited resources; those with resources but require specific strategy to manage; and those with resource to do most anything they choose. We address each of these people groups with the following methods of business and partnerships:


Give / Donate  –  Champion A Project  –  Sponsor / Invest

We see a world where people and businesses are working together to bring water products and solutions to those in need around the world through collaboration, partnerships, and support for the growth of local market channels.

Our Team
The Connect For Water team consists of our local board of Directors and Staff; and an extended family of Representatives with Business Connect who are dedicated to bring clean water to those in need.

Board of Directors and Staff

LOU HAVEMAN – Founder – [email protected]
Lou has lived and worked in four different African countries over two decades. During that time he was involved in many community development programs and working alongside of the local people.  He and his wife, Jan, continue this work even in their retirement. He has established not only Connect For Water, but also our partner organization Business Connect. His life’s work is culminating in his success of bringing businessmen, emerging entrepreneurs, NGO’s, and others together in partnership to answer the needs of the Global Water Crisis. You can read about his life experience and insights at his website –

JEFF HAVEMEN – Board Member – [email protected]

Jeff was born and raised in Nigeria. He has an extensive business and leadership background developed during more than 20 years in real estate and insurance industries. He also served four years in the U.S. Military as an aviation technician.

JEREME LAMBERT – Executive Director – [email protected]
Jereme has 20+ years of business and ministry experience. He has worked both in the private and public sector as well as owning his own companies and serving as a pastor. He has been active in bringing safe water solutions to the world through Business Connect and his continued passion for people led him to volunteer with numerous community collaborative groups through the years.