The Clear Path

To bring clean water to those in need.

Who we are…
Connect For Water is a social impact, Michigan based non-profit founded on the belief, there is a clear path to help people throughout the world address their safe water needs. This path, based on our years of experience, focuses on improving local access to water treatment solutions, so local people can improve their lives through clean water.
The global water epidemic… Earth is the collective home to 7.6 billion people and countless other varieties of plants and animals… life. Water is a basic necessity, an active element of cooking, cleaning and basic hygiene. We all need it every day to live a healthy life. Yet, for nearly half the world’s population, access to clean safe water is a daily challenge that causes tremendous suffering.   In developing countries, the majority world, as much as 80% of illnesses are linked to poor water and sanitation conditions. Basic access to water is a huge challenge for billions of people. On our present trajectory, half of the world’s population will be living in WATER-STRESSED areas by the year 2025.
Water quality is a major problem almost everywhere, affecting less developed communities disproportionately. According to the CDC, throughout most of the world, you shouldn’t drink water from the tap or any source other than a sealed bottle. The poorer and less developed a community is, the bigger the challenges are for access to clean water. This also includes local access to clean water solutions. We must improve local access to clean water solutions before millions more die needlessly from water borne illness. No other effort will have as much impact in helping address the global water epidemic.
The Clear Path… Through the lifetime efforts of our Founder – Lou Haveman and others who have joined him in this fight, Connect For Water has grown into an organization with proven methods of a better way. That is, improve local access to clean water solutions, so local people can improve their lives through clean their water. Products and services are available that can help local people access, treat and clean their water; however, in the areas where they are needed most, these solutions are not readily available.Connect For Water works in collaboration with Business Connect partners at the local market level. At present this network includes 60 Countries throughout Africa, Latin America, India and Asia.

Our mission is to improve local access to clean water solutions.


Give / Donate – through individual one-time and monthly giving. The power of individuals offering up 1 water filter a month through a simple gift of as little as $22 per month is staggering. That is equal to one less coffee, pizza or maybe a movie at your favorite goto per week or month. When we can add one more today, it gives us the slight edge for tomorrow. 20 individuals with this level of commitment for one year could provide 100 homes, that is as many as 500 individuals, with a clean drinking water solution.

Sponsor / Invest – building a local business network with support of endowment funding that brings clean water products to market. With profits supporting families and economies through sales venture. Endowment funding through our non-profit empowers the startup and placement of product worldwide. With sales of said product, advances for new markets continue. To see our current financials and product placement, click here or contact our headquarters in Grand Rapids, MI.
As well we choose to be proactive in preparing for tomorrow’s disasters. In any world calamity, the need for clean water is immediate. We reserve 10% of general fund donations to fund emergency relief, disbursing clean water filtration systems through our network of persons with boots on the ground.

All gifts are tax-deductible.