Providing Aid in the Wake of Cyclone Idai

Providing Aid in the Wake of Cyclone Idai

In the wake of Cyclone Idai displacing thousands and ravaging infrastructure across Mozambique, assessments are being made to what kinds of relief and to what degree need to be distributed across the country.

Business Connect’s partner in Mozambique, who’s working with Dorcas and UNICEF for funding to get filters and get them in the hands of the people, has been trying to get an idea of who needs filters and how many they’ll need. Going in, our partner, Ajodama, has gotten 500 home filters and 4 facility filters into the hands of people in need of clean water.

The facility filters are currently being utilized as a temporary emergency solution that’s being carried around the region to help filter water in different villages in need of water now before home filters are distributed to them.

With the filters that have been distributed, both Dorcas and UNICEF have been very happy with the results, seeing positive feedback from those who are getting filters, and also getting an idea of what’s needed moving forward based on assessments that can be made as road access is restored.

As assessments are being made to capture the scope of how many filters are needed. More filters will be ordered by distributors in-country to fulfill the need presented by the damage done.

One group in the north of Mozambique has been working to get a large shipment of filters from our partner in-country, but they say that due to road conditions and flooding it is more difficult to get filters out and assess the damage as they go.

Relief efforts have been ongoing because two more cyclones have made landfall since Idai, displacing thousands more people and devastating infrastructure that has been flooded or destroyed.

As other groups all help to repair Mozambique’s infrastructure and restore public health for all those affected by the cyclones, we continue our commitment to helping to make an impact in countries that are in need of disaster relief, providing sustainable solutions for clean water that will make a lasting impact.

Give to our Disaster Relief Fund now so that we can respond at a moment’s notice to bring clean water to those in need in the wake of tragedy.

From Just Visiting To Leaving A Lasting Impact

From Just Visiting To Leaving A Lasting Impact

Michelle took a two-week safari visiting reserves in both South Africa and Botswana and had the opportunity to visit school children at their schools. While she was there, she learned that none of these school children had access to clean water in their classrooms.

The school she visited while on the safari was a destination for some supplies she had brought to give to the school through Packed for a Purpose. Michelle wanted to something that would have a lasting impact on the school and all the kids that attend. She wanted a sustainable solution to the problem she had witnessed first-hand.

Michelle felt strong enough about what she experienced and decided to get herself in contact with someone about how water filters can be provided for these school children. Through our partnership with Kohler, Michelle was able to figure out that the Kohler Clarity filter would be the best filter that was suitable for the needs of a classroom and who can help get the filters there.

Business Connect’s Global Director in South Africa was able to identify a local distributor Business Connect works with and then figure out the delivery of the filters based on how much money was raised through Michelle’s Championed Project.

Michelle’s drive to make change in people’s lives was partnered with our vast network of local distributors that all are helping to build local and lasting economic potential.

Once the funds were together the filters were shipped and donated to Mabele Primary School. After having the filters installed in the seven classrooms the school had, an article was written by a government paper about how much good this is doing for the students.

The filters installed helped the 192 students get access to clean water from the classroom. Community members stressed how important these filters are in helping to stop the spread of waterborne illness. Before the filters were donated, students were simply drinking from an open bucket when they needed water. The filters have made the drinking water safe, the benefits to students’ learning will be reflected in better performance through their education.

One of the students attending the school said that “she was not only happy, but also felt blessed to be receiving such a donation.”

Michelle’s passion for making change in people’s lives because of the conditions she witnessed in these schools was connected with the right people abroad that are looking to spread a product that is helping to improve people’s lives while supporting local economies and local growth.

Making Change In The Mukuru Slum With Clean Water

Making Change In The Mukuru Slum With Clean Water

Families in Mukuru have been able to purchase filters for themselves since 2017 because of Douglas Mukisa, a local distributor working in Kenya, which has led to many families now gaining access to clean, drinkable water. The initial shipment was sold at a subsidized rate, which got the filters into the hands of the families that need them, and people started to spread the word.

Douglas Mukisa, age 40, worked with Community Health Volunteers (CHVs) to distribute 2,500 Kohler Clarity filters in Mariguini, Makuru Slum, Nairobi, Kenya, February 23, 2019.

The success of the filters for families even garnered attention from an NGO operated clinic run inside of Mukuru. The clinic wrote a letter and called Douglas to thank everyone for the work they’re doing because of the positive impact on people’s health the filters are having. Less people are going to the clinic with health issues that can be prevented by water that’s been filtered or treated. Over time, however, the price for filters has begun to become an inhibiting factor for families wanting to get access to clean water.

Community Health Volunteer (CHV) Moses Murithi, age 46, and his wife Grace Njambi, age 41, purchased the Kohler Clarity filter in 2017 for use by their three children in their home in Mariguini, Makuru Slum, Nairobi, Kenya, February 23, 2019.

In an effort to help the concerns around this rising cost, Douglas is working on a partnership with a local bank that could offer small short term loans to Mukuru residents who could then buy a filter with the money and provide clean and safe water for their family.

This partnership would not only allow filters to become more accessible to the community, but also increase the reach that Douglas can distribute filters, allowing filters to get to more locations outside of Mukuru.

Because Douglas wants to keep things community focused, the families who purchase filters through the loans will be supported through the help of community organizations that will help to make sure that everyone who gets a filter can keep it by not defaulting on the loan.

This connection will help strengthen the community, and allow people to band together to support clean water for every family in Mukuru and beyond.

The work that Douglas does is always growing, because to provide sustainable solutions to clean water, the focus needs to be on long term development and change. To help invest in people living in Mukuru and support their ability to get clean water, all it takes is five dollars per month for a year to provide five people with clean water for five years.

If you want to help, become a Water Sponsor today. You can also donate directly to Douglas’ project in Mukuru to expand their goal to bring clean water to those in need.

Market Activation in Guatemala Successful

Market Activation in Guatemala Successful

Families in Huehuetenango, Guatemala are now enjoying a simple way to drink clean water. Through the generosity of Kohler and the coordinated efforts of Business Connect with their Guatemala team members at Cosas Mejores, Kohler Clarity units are entering into the market and making quite the impact!

Families in Huehuetenango

With this seed money for market activation, families and households are receiving clean, safe water and they are empowered as well to be influencers for their respective communities. People have been talking to their neighbors, who then talk to their families and neighbors, promoting those who are starting businesses selling Kohler Clarity via word of mouth.

Market activation through seed money is one of the keys to sparking economic growth. To find out more about how Connect for Water is helping to raise up those starting their own businesses, check out our Angel Alliance Fund.

Schools Helping Schools Around The World

Schools Helping Schools Around The World

K-5 students from Grand Manan Elementary School, along with a generous matched donation from the Grand Manan Rotary Club allowed Connect for Water to provide clean, safe water to an entire school in the Dominican Republic and the surrounding neighborhood.

Our team went down to the Dominican Republic to help install the water filters in the school. We were able to put filters in every classroom at the school, including even in the administrative office.

Now that the filters are installed, every child has clean, safe water to drink during the school day. The students can focus better, they don’t miss as many school days from being sick, and don’t have to go to the doctor as much because of unsafe water.

water filters in the school

While we were there, we also worked in the bateys with Hatian immigrants that live on roughly $1 per day. Having clean water available in their homes is truly life changing for these families.

Hatian immigrants

Connect for Water would like to thank the students at Grand Manan Elementary and the Grand Manan Rotary Club for their commitment to providing clean, safe water around the world.