After Hurricane Dorian, much of the Bahamas were devastated. The infrastructure of the area was destroyed and many lacked access to clean water. The governor even said, “Please, we do not want you to send us water, send us water filters.” This is when we decided to take action.

We began consultations with partners on the ground and identified Open World Relief to assist with the implementation. They had a team that would be able to distribute filters and provide training workshops on how to use the filters effectively.

A Successful Distribution

Volunteers visited several isolated communities with very limited access to clean water (only small spring access) and distributed 124 filters to families. They ran a short training for the community members with the assistance of a local Pastor who speaks both English and Creole to assist with the language barrier.

In addition to the filters themselves, there was a donation of five gallon buckets from a Florida hardware store so that the community members had access to clean filtration supplies and water storage. The donated filters were very well received and will have a continuous impact for these more isolated communities.

That being said, as rebuilding continues to take place there will be a continual need for both the bucket style filters, as well as, the in-home countertop units. Please consider partnering with us to continue to help these communities as they rebuild.