From Idaho to Botswana: Educators Empowering Educators

From Idaho to Botswana: Educators Empowering Educators

The work of an elementary school is so fundamentally important in helping to develop and educate young minds. One Idaho school teacher decided to take her curriculum a step further then just the usual book learning.

Kohler Clarity water filters

Tricia Poppy of Longfellow Elementary was teaching a unit on Botswana in her third grade class but felt that teaching the unit in class shouldn’t be the end of it. While doing research on Botswana she came across an already established project Connect for Water had going on with a preschool in Botswana. Ms. Poppy reached out to Connect For Water and wanted to champion a project, raising funds at her school for filters.

She understood the impact that could be made and the education benefit from learning about a country and then getting her students engaged with problems that a classroom in Botswana would face, like not having clean water, which can be taken for granted in the U.S.

Because of this project, 20 filters are now providing clean water to classrooms at the Kgomodiatshaba Primary School. The class in Idaho was able to raise $500 which was matched by the school and then used to purchase the filters which are now used in the individual classrooms at the primary school providing clean water for the school kids.

Water filters in schools

There is so much power in such a seemingly small fundraiser that all it took was one teacher wanting to deepen the impact that her students would have while learning about another country. So she decides to make a difference in the lives of school kids and educators in a school in Botswana.

She not only made an impact on the lives of kids in Botswana, but the lives of kids in her Idaho community where her students had the ability to learn and connect with a problem and find a solution that helps the Botswana school kids in the long term.

Market Activation in Guatemala Successful

Market Activation in Guatemala Successful

Families in Huehuetenango, Guatemala are now enjoying a simple way to drink clean water. Through the generosity of Kohler and the coordinated efforts of Business Connect with their Guatemala team members at Cosas Mejores, Kohler Clarity units are entering into the market and making quite the impact!

Families in Huehuetenango

With this seed money for market activation, families and households are receiving clean, safe water and they are empowered as well to be influencers for their respective communities. People have been talking to their neighbors, who then talk to their families and neighbors, promoting those who are starting businesses selling Kohler Clarity via word of mouth.

Market activation through seed money is one of the keys to sparking economic growth. To find out more about how Connect for Water is helping to raise up those starting their own businesses, check out our Angel Alliance Fund.

Schools Helping Schools Around The World

Schools Helping Schools Around The World

K-5 students from Grand Manan Elementary School, along with a generous matched donation from the Grand Manan Rotary Club allowed Connect for Water to provide clean, safe water to an entire school in the Dominican Republic and the surrounding neighborhood.

Our team went down to the Dominican Republic to help install the water filters in the school. We were able to put filters in every classroom at the school, including even in the administrative office.

Now that the filters are installed, every child has clean, safe water to drink during the school day. The students can focus better, they don’t miss as many school days from being sick, and don’t have to go to the doctor as much because of unsafe water.

water filters in the school

While we were there, we also worked in the bateys with Hatian immigrants that live on roughly $1 per day. Having clean water available in their homes is truly life changing for these families.

Hatian immigrants

Connect for Water would like to thank the students at Grand Manan Elementary and the Grand Manan Rotary Club for their commitment to providing clean, safe water around the world.



A Success Story...

Bringing clean water to those in need.
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This article was recently posted by the Botswana Government Facebook page. This is the reality of our hope and vision speaking for itself. Business Connect mentioned in this article is our sister organization that implements projects like this on our behalf.

By Boago Osupile

MABELE – Three private companies have collaborated to donate 20 water purifiers, an electric shower and water disinfection tablets to Mabele Primary School.

Filtra group, Team Sy and Business Connect collectively made the donations worth over P25 000 on Friday. The water purification items donated included 20 Kohler Clarity water purifiers.

The purifier tanks, which are designed to meet World Health Organization water quality standards and fill up to 40 litres per day are expected to serve 192 pupils of Mabele Primary School.

In an interview, Filtra group managing director, Mr Thulaganyo Kebaabetswe said they were glad to be part of such a great initiative.

He said they were approached by Ms Mitchelle Bernadi-Berndt of Team Sy who explained to them the need for clean and safe water that she and six others, who by then were tourists discovered while visiting Chobe.

Mr Kebaabetswe said he hoped the donation would bring an end to diseases such as diarrhea, brought about drinking unsafe water.

The development, he said, would enable pupils of Mabele Primary School to learn without hindrances.

Mr Synack Nawa-nawa of Team Sy said he was happy to see their goal realized.

He explained that they noticed the need for safe water supply in Mabele when he was showing tourists around Mabele village and they made a visit to Mabele Primary School, where they discovered that the reception class pupils were drinking water from an open bucket.

Chobe District Council chairperson, Mr Paul Chabaesele, expressed gratitude to Filtra group for their donation, saying that the importance of donors’ contribution and participation in children’s education could not be over emphasized.

He further noted that they were bringing donations that would add value to the school performance.

For his part, the school head, Mr Oteng Makole said he was happy to receive such donations, saying that with the recent diarrhea outbreak in the country, the water purifiers could not have come at a more suitable time.

Mr Makole remarked that such donations also served as motivation to pupils to put in extra effort in their studies. One of the learners, Amity Muletwa said she was not only happy, but also felt blessed to be receiving such a donation. BOPA

A Plan That Came Together

A Plan That Came Together

A Success Story...

Bringing clean water to those in need.

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A Plan That Came Together

The goal of Connect for Water’s partner Business Connect is to bring clean water solutions to  people across the globe through sustainable business plans. We also celebrate success stories for when the plan works.

Mr. Walsh from the US contacted Darin, our Area Director of Sales for Africa, wanting to get help for Pastor Victor. Pastor Victor was struggling with water issues after the recent flooding at his orphanage in the rural community of Migoriwith in Kenya. They house 58 children (plus caregivers).

Because of our growing network worldwide, Darin made a simple call to Peris Abner – a new BC rep in the rural Kenya town of Kisii and the closest local distributor at only 60km away; with the needed inventory for the orphanage.

She was able to get the filters to Pastor Victor quickly and efficiently.

Mr. Walsh simply made a tax-deductible donation to our sister non-profit – Connect For Water – which then in turn arranged for the implementation of the plan, empowering our local teams to facilitate the final delivery of filters.

A pure win for all parties involved.

To Re-Cap:

  • An individual seeing the need and choosing to go beyond himself to meet the need, put the Business Connect Family to work, stimulating local economy; all while getting clean water solutions to those in need.
  • In this case 58+ individuals are now drinking bacteria free water and don’t have to travel the 18 km daily to collect safe water like they were doing.
  • Peris herself had been interested in becoming a distributor for over a year but didn’t have the funds to buy initial inventory, so thru donor money, she was granted 10 Village filters to get started. And now is a critical link in this chain of productivity.
  • There are many others hoping for the same boost. If you would like to be a part of their futures and get involved, This event happened only because of people like you that championed water filters for others. Click here to learn how you can become a C4W Champion. Click here to learn about other types of water filters available through our business partner, Business Connect, Inc. Connect with us to learn more about our water projects and how you can become a part of them – worldwide.

Nepal Case Study

Nepal Case Study

A Success Story...

Bringing clean water to those in need.
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Nepal Case Study

World Renew is an implementing partner of Connect for Water’s partner: Business Connect with Christian Community Development programs and partnerships in some thirty countries around the world. Our founder, Lou Haveman, has a long history of working with them. This is our first report for this clean and safe water initiative.

During 3 days we distributed 188 water filters to 986 families.

The training was conducted before the distribution. We explain what is Sawyer filter, how to assemble, to use and to clean it. Annex 1 shows the detailed of the training. In three days training, most people arrived before the time planned, except ward 5. They attentively listened and practiced what we taught them. They were also willing to teach the others who came late.

After the training, the filters and buckets were distributed according to the list and grouping developed from ward leaders and Female Community Health Volunteers (FCHVs). The FCHVs were involved in the distribution of filters. Instructions of how to use and clean the filter were placed by a sticker on the buckets.

Example of a filter in use

Barat BK (ward 3), the family who received the filter has handed the filter to Maya Tamang, her neighbor in his group (a woman in the picture) to look after the filter. And she put the filter on the veranda of her house so other families can have access to the filters. She also covers the filter with a towel so it won’t get dirty from dust. Maya Tamang belongs to the higher caste than Barat BK, but they can share the filter.


Lessons Learned

  • Grouping should be done during the community meeting.
  • Village mapping is necessary for grouping.
  • It should mentioned that people who didn’t attend the meeting, should not complaint.
  • Some village leaders and FCHVs recommended the list for their own benefits.
  • The list given to CHVs was not posted, only ward 9 observed.

A special THANK YOU to all the donors who gave.


This would not have happened without you. You have made a difference in so many people’s lives. You have helped them go from victims to survivors. We appreciate you being a part of our community.

If you’re interested in contributing to another project or cause, visit our Current Projects or Ways to Give tabs.