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This article was recently posted by the Botswana Government Facebook page. This is the reality of our hope and vision speaking for itself. Business Connect mentioned in this article is our sister organization that implements projects like this on our behalf.

By Boago Osupile

MABELE – Three private companies have collaborated to donate 20 water purifiers, an electric shower and water disinfection tablets to Mabele Primary School.

Filtra group, Team Sy and Business Connect collectively made the donations worth over P25 000 on Friday. The water purification items donated included 20 Kohler Clarity water purifiers.

The purifier tanks, which are designed to meet World Health Organization water quality standards and fill up to 40 litres per day are expected to serve 192 pupils of Mabele Primary School.

In an interview, Filtra group managing director, Mr Thulaganyo Kebaabetswe said they were glad to be part of such a great initiative.

He said they were approached by Ms Mitchelle Bernadi-Berndt of Team Sy who explained to them the need for clean and safe water that she and six others, who by then were tourists discovered while visiting Chobe.

Mr Kebaabetswe said he hoped the donation would bring an end to diseases such as diarrhea, brought about drinking unsafe water.

The development, he said, would enable pupils of Mabele Primary School to learn without hindrances.

Mr Synack Nawa-nawa of Team Sy said he was happy to see their goal realized.

He explained that they noticed the need for safe water supply in Mabele when he was showing tourists around Mabele village and they made a visit to Mabele Primary School, where they discovered that the reception class pupils were drinking water from an open bucket.

Chobe District Council chairperson, Mr Paul Chabaesele, expressed gratitude to Filtra group for their donation, saying that the importance of donors’ contribution and participation in children’s education could not be over emphasized.

He further noted that they were bringing donations that would add value to the school performance.

For his part, the school head, Mr Oteng Makole said he was happy to receive such donations, saying that with the recent diarrhea outbreak in the country, the water purifiers could not have come at a more suitable time.

Mr Makole remarked that such donations also served as motivation to pupils to put in extra effort in their studies. One of the learners, Amity Muletwa said she was not only happy, but also felt blessed to be receiving such a donation. BOPA