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To bring clean water to those in need.

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We invite you to look through our opportunities; Champion a Project or Sponsor/Invest into a communities future; or maybe make a Gift/Donation to help someone you don’t know and improve their future with clean water.

Connect For Water is a non-profit charity founded in the first quarter of 2018 to facilitate the sales and distribution of clean water solutions to those in need and affected by disasters throughout the world. 100% of the specified funding received by C4W goes directly to its end purpose. Administrative and operational costs are supported separately by sponsorships and non-water focused funding.

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Success Stories

Providing Aid in the Wake of Cyclone Idai

Providing Aid in the Wake of Cyclone Idai

In the wake of Cyclone Idai displacing thousands and ravaging infrastructure across Mozambique, assessments are being made to what kinds...
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From Just Visiting To Leaving A Lasting Impact

From Just Visiting To Leaving A Lasting Impact

Michelle took a two-week safari visiting reserves in both South Africa and Botswana and had the opportunity to visit school...
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Making Change In The Mukuru Slum With Clean Water

Making Change In The Mukuru Slum With Clean Water

Families in Mukuru have been able to purchase filters for themselves since 2017 because of Douglas Mukisa, a local distributor...
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From Idaho to Botswana: Educators Empowering Educators
Market Activation in Guatemala Successful
Schools Helping Schools Around The World


Three private companies have collaborated to donate 20 water purifiers, an electric shower and water disinfection tablets to Mabele Primary School.
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A Plan That Came Together
Nepal Case Study

Fitah’s Story

Fitah is a young man from Madagascar in his upper 20’s. He and a couple of business partners put together a plan for marketing water filters to NGOs working all over Madagascar and selling them to individuals in the capital city.
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By providing resources for access to water and sanitation, you can help Connect For Water provide clean water for a lasting future; increasing health, productivity and opportunities for education.

501(c)3 Status (Tax Deduction)
  • Connect For Water is a non-profit organized in February 2018
  • During the PENDING APPROVAL process C4W may receive tax-deductible donations. 
  • The Board of Directors at C4W is committed to transparency and to acquiring the 501(c)3 status to bring clean water to those in need.
  • If you have any questions consult this document from the IRS or Connect With Us!