Alger Hardware: Local Business Making Global Change

Alger Hardware and Rental is a locally owned and operated hardware store in
the Alger Heights neighborhood of Grand Rapids, MI. A hardware store has
occupied the space there for over sixty years, but once now owner Bill
DeJong moved in almost 18 years ago, he made it a point to engage with the
community in a new way.

Part of their ongoing efforts to give back include donating supplies, gift
cards, and merchandise to local groups. The appreciation from the community
has made the store a mainstay in recent years.

This past year, Bill wanted to expand the scope of what he was doing to
positively affect the world around him through his store. He started
offering customers the opportunity to donate a dollar to Connect for Water
with their purchase to provide a clear path to clean water for those in

The response from the community has been overwhelmingly positive, with many customers appreciating the opportunity and taking more information about Connect for Water and their work.

Water filters

The store is excited to continue offering customers the opportunity to
easily give while handling errands, with each small contribution adding to
the larger goal of bringing clean water to those in need.