Costa Rica - Growing Together with Clean Water

Of the over 365,000 households in the Guanacaste province of Costa Rica, 22.4% are living in extreme poverty. That’s surviving on just $1.90 per day for food, water, and all other costs of living for an entire household.

Connect for Water is partnering with Paylocity and the Creciendo Juntos Association to bring clean, safe water to those living in the most dire of conditions.

Since becoming a nonprofit in 2013, the Creciendo Juntos Association has been committed to providing a collaborative platform that drives and channels actions in social investment, education and health, seeking the welfare of people and the transformation of Guanacastecan communities.

Their vision is to lift up whole communities: individuals, families, institutions, and enterprises, so that they may reach new levels of development. They’ve had success early on be providing free transportation to students, hosting a job database to help people find work, overseeing the development of over 40 micro-enterprises, as well as carrying out several children’s health and wellness initiatives.

    For every dollar that you donate, you are providing the equivalent of 7,300 bottles of water to people who desperately need it.

    Unsafe water is one of the leading causes of illness that prevents children and adults from attending school and work. For economic and community growth to be achieved, sustainable access to clean and safe water in people’s homes is a necessary step forward.

    The current phase of their plan to positively affect people in Guanacaste is to provide 225 families and 1 school with water filters that can provide clean water for the next 5 years or more.

    The impact of your gift will last for years to come. Give now to support the families and students of Guanacaste.