Haiti - Distributing Clean Water After the Earthquake

“The situation continues to be overwhelming and there is such a devastating need for even the most basic supplies.”

Our hearts are broken when we hear of all that is happening in Haiti. 

On Saturday, August 14th, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit the southwest region of Haiti, reportedly resulting in more than 2,200 deaths and 300 missing. Response efforts were further complicated when just two days after the earthquake, a tropical depression lead to heavy rain and wind in that same area. The earthquake also comes a little over a month after the assassination of the country’s president, Jovenel Mose, on July 7.

We are thinking of our partners at God’s Vision for Haiti, Juska and Jona. They shared with us that the situation continues to be overwhelming and that there is such a devastating need for even the most basic supplies. They distributed water a few days ago and the response was frantic.

They are working with an international organization that has placed three medical doctors and a nurse on the God’s Vision for Haiti campus. They have also been helping with basic medical care and the distribution of water. 

Jona and Juska are also connecting with local organizations to ensure their efforts are coordinated as good stewardship of their time and resources is critical. 

Recently, they were going to check on some of their foster families and distribute emergency kits. They heard that two of their foster families’ homes have been completely destroyed by the earthquake, and that extensive damage has been done to some of the others. They are already feeling the weight of the work that desperately needs to be done in the months ahead. 

Aftershocks continue to be unsettling for everyone as they are still suffering from the trauma of the first ones. The relief work there remains at a critical stage and Juska, Jona and their team are working around the clock to meet as many needs as they can.  

With clean water being such a huge need in Haiti right now, Connect for Water is working with our partners to send water filters. We are also providing solar lights to those who no longer have access to electricity. But with such a huge and critical need, we need your help. Please partner with us. A simple water filter will make such a difference to those who are in desperate need.