India - Giving 500 Rural Families Water Every Day

Giving 500 Rural Families Water Every Day

In the valleys and the mountains of Paderu, Visakhapatnam in India, there are people groups unreached by civilization. Collectively in the region there are 15 people groups that speak 14 different local languages. Many of these people have never had clean water facilities in their lives.

The water they collect daily comes from streams, ponds, canals, and open wells. These unsafe water sources lead to sickness and illness becoming an everyday part of the lives of families in these communities.

Pastor Prasad Knr has made it a goal to serve the people of these villages by bringing them clean, safe water. He and his team are partnering with Connect for Water to install two high-volume VF600 facility filters to serve more than 500 families every single day in the region.

Please come alongside them to help positively affect the lives of the people in these rural communities.