Kenya - Empowering Families in the Mukuru Slum

We are seeking to continue our work by distributing another 500 Kohler Clarity filters to homes in the Mukuru slum.

In 2017, the New Song Chapel Community Church in Mukuru, Nairobi, headed by pastor Douglas Mukisa, sought to meet the physical needs of those living in the Mukuru slum, many of which do not have access to clean, safe water.

With the assistance of their friend Don Arnold with Drops of Mercy Outreach, they launched a successful distribution of 2,500 Kohler Clarity water filters in homes within the slum, affecting more than 15,000 people who now have clean, safe water in their homes.

It was an amazing job done, but more can be done. The slum is made of 13 small villages with a rough population of 700,000 people living in 10′ by 10′ rooms.

Half of the child deaths of children under the age of 5 in Mukuru are caused by unsafe drinking water. Our dream is to put a water filter in every home for clean, safe drinking for every person in Mukuru.

We are seeking to continue in our work for the next phase by distributing another 500 Kohler Clarity filters to homes in the Mukuru slum. Each filter can provide clean, safe water for a family of 4-8 people. Consider coming alongside us and supporting our mission to bring clean water to Mukuru.