Special Need for Those Affected by Cyclone Batsirai

Madagascar Cyclone


Please Consider donating. The people of Madagascar need your help.

confirmed deaths

homes damaged

living in temporary relief shelters

Cyclone Batsirai, the second tropical storm in two weeks, made landfall on the East Coast of Madagascar on February 5th and 6th. It brought heavy winds and rain, which flooded many communities previously experiencing drought in Southern Madagascar. In the words of Francis Adja, regional director of Mercy Ministries South Africa, 

“The town [of Mananjary] is 95% destroyed. People are forced out of their houses because their houses were flooded to the roof.”

The team at Mercy Ministries are working hard to prepare emergency packages for those most affected by the disaster. The VF100 water filter is an essential part of these emergency packages because cholera and other waterborne diseases are a high risk. With your support, we can provide life-giving water filters to help these communities. By donating to the relief effort, you will be directly aiding families most affected by these storms. 

Will you partner with us in our goal of giving hope to the Malagasy people today?