Madagascar - Rainwater Collection Changes Everything in the Poorest Country in the World

15 million Malagasy people do not have access to clean water for drinking, hand washing, food prep and bathing.

Madagascar is home to 26 million people, most of whom live in extreme poverty – on less than $1.90 USD a day. They can walk miles each day, through treacherous terrain, to retrieve water from streams and ponds that may be safe to drink one day and contaminated the next. If they are lucky, there is a reliable clean water source—but it can be located very far from home.

Imagine that you are 1 of 26 million people in a forgotten nation where corruption and poverty are pervasive. You, and 20 million others like you, live in extreme poverty—on less than $1.90 USD a day. You and your children endure regular bouts of diarrhea resulting in stunted growth from malnourishment. These bouts mean your children can’t go to school and you can’t go to work, trapping you in a cycle of poverty. People need clean water.


Who Are We and What Are We Doing About This?

We are a social enterprise called Tatirano, which in Malagasy means to “collect water.” A social enterprise exists first and foremost to bring about positive social change, like clean water to those that don’t have it – and that’s why we are here.

We aim to achieve a sustainable model whereby we can use the profits from private projects in tandem with donations to maximise our mission of clean water for everyone, everywhere in Madagascar.

At community kiosks, we’re employing female Tatirano Agents to maintain rainwater systems and sell surplus water to the community – using the profits to pay the salary and build a fund for any future repairs. In the Malagasy culture it is women who are responsible for water collection and for managing it in the home. So by using female Tatirano Agents, we’re ensuring women have control and we’re confident that they’ll keep these systems clean and working as a result. Selling water at community kiosks also reaches the poorest and most marginalized people in Madagascar who can’t afford their own system.

Visit our website at to find out more about how our programs coexist.


What is So Special About Tatirano and How We Work?

We work on simple principles – when it rains we have clean water.

Rainwater harvesting has been used for millennia to supply clean water across the globe yet so many people overlook it because it is so simple. As long as a few key design considerations are followed – such as diverting the first rains away from the holding tank to allow self-cleansing of the dusty roof and gutters – the water stored in the tank can be as good as expensive treated water. We’ve proved it with water testing and as long as systems are kept clean, and tanks are closed, the bacteria count inside can even drop!

When clean water is coupled with engaging education classes about water sanitation and hygiene (WASH) behaviours and habits, everything can change for the poorest people in the world. Healthier people are more productive, can go to school and with water at the home, people have more time to earn a living and lift themselves out of poverty.

We 100% believe in WASH being a critical barrier to human development and we can do more with your help!


How You Can Help

Every donation made to Tatirano Social Enterprise is completely traceable  – with our new monitoring platform “Statirano”, you can watch the water system that you have helped to install provide clean water almost in real time.

Here’s what your contribution to Tatirano will enable us to provide in Madagascar’s rural communities:


  • $5000 — a 10,000 gallon system for a community water kiosk to serve 100 of the most vulnerable families 
  • $2600 — a 5,000 gallon system for a community water kiosk to serve 50 of the most vulnerable families
  • $1000 — a 1,000 gallon system to supply a school of 300 students with clean water for hand washing and drinking during the school day
  • $500 — five 100 gallon home systems for 5 of the most vulnerable families to have clean water at home
  • $100 — one 100 gallon home system for a vulnerable family to have clean water at home

Please help us to provide the people of Madagascar with safe drinking water in their communities, schools, and homes to enable people to lift themselves out of poverty.