Madagascar - Rainwater Collection Changes Everything in the Poorest Country in the World

12 million Malagasy people do not have reliable access to clean water for drinking, food preparation, or bathing.

They can walk miles each day, through treacherous terrain, to retrieve water from streams and ponds that may be safe to drink one day and contaminated the next. If they are lucky, there is a reliable clean water source—but it can be located very far from home.

Imagine that you are 1 of 25 million people in a forgotten nation where corruption and poverty are pervasive. You, and 20 million others like you, live in extreme poverty—on less than $1.90 USD a day. You and your children endure regular bouts of diarrhea resulting in stunted growth from malnourishment. These bouts mean your children can’t go to school and you can’t go to work, trapping you in a cycle of poverty.

The United Nations has recognized the fundamental need for clean water and we aim to solve this for the Malagasy people once and for all, by 2030. But we need your help.

What We’re Doing About It 

We are a social enterprise called Tatirano, which in Malagasy means to “collect water.” As a social enterprise, we seek to improve the lives of the Malagasy people through rainwater collection for the poorest families. Tatirano, the social enterprise, provides subsidized rainwater collection systems for urban and rural communities, schools, and households. This paradigm, where communities and families who can afford it and have some “skin in the game” has proven to instill responsibility and ownership. This, coupled with engaging health and maintenance education classes, ensures that our systems continue to provide high quality drinking water at the home in the long term. 

How You Can Help

Here’s what your contribution to Tatirano will enable us to provide in Madagascar’s rural communities:

  • $5000 — an 8000 gallon system for a community water kiosk to serve 200 of the most vulnerable families 
  • $1000 — a 1300 gallon system to supply a school of 300 students and teachers with clean water
  • $150 — a 260 gallon system to supply 4 families with clean water 
  • $100 — a 130 gallon system to supply 2 families with clean water 

How the Rain Collection System Works

Our simple rooftop collection systems send abundant rainwater to a tank with a tap. Instead of a potentially failure-prone filter, we use a “first flush” mechanism to divert the first rain that runs off the dusty roof and gutter, self-cleansing to avoid contamination. Contrary to popular belief, water stored in dark and closed conditions actually sees a drop in bacteria count over time and we have proven this with highly performing water quality tests. Working with SEED Madagascar, we installed 150 subsidized household systems across 10 rural communities that continue to provide clean water at the home—bringing health and saved time benefits. We continually make improvements to the design while keeping it simple and keeping costs as low as possible.

Please help us to provide the people of Madagascar with safe drinking water in their communities, schools, and homes to enable people to lift themselves out of poverty.

Madagascar – Rainwater Collection Changes Everything in the Poorest Country in the World

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