Botswana: Sponsor A Classroom

A Classroom in Botswana

After staying at a safari lodge in Botswana and participating in their Pack for a Purpose program, a Kohler employee, along with her friends and family were able to visit the local school and deliver supplies. Having attended Mabele Primary School, the groups safari guide introduced them to the school board and the various classrooms. Mabele Primary School educates about 176 children from ages 6-12 years old. The group met children of all ages and were greeted by song and dance. They also visited Mabele Village in the Chobe District.

Mabele (circled in orange) is about 40 miles from Kasane (circled in pink). All of these communities are on the northern border of Botswana bordered by Namibia (to the north) by the Chobe River. to the East by Zimbabwe and barely touching Zaire at the Zambezi River which flows into Victoria Falls.

The Problem:

After visiting each of the seven classrooms, the group noticed that all students had to visit a central area to get water. Their guide said this was similar to how the local community would get water into their homes. He told the group that “the community gets all their water from Kasane water plant, which is sourced from the Chobe River. The water then runs through pipes all the way to Mabele, which is on the Western side of Kasane town. The water supply is not that consistent, which means sometimes the community will go for days without water.”

Your donations go directly toward much-needed filters in these classrooms. Partnering with Connect For Water and Business Connect for these donations helps the sustainability of the initiative/donation. Business Connect empowers people living in impoverished situations to help themselves through creating businesses that sell and maintain water filters, so the filters placed through your donation will have support from a local person building a sustainable business. In essence, your donation will help the kids in these classrooms but also a local entrepreneur to support themselves, their family and the local economy.

The water supply is not that consistent, which means sometimes the community will go for days without water.

Having the Kohler Clarity Systems will not only provide a clean and consistent source of drinking water but will create a way for water to be stored and used in the classrooms and households. If we could provide each of the seven classrooms with a Clarity and about twenty households in the area, that would be a step in the right direction. The group of visitors have built a strong bond with the local community and Kohler has given them a great outlet to bring something most of us take for granted: clean, accessible drinking water.