South Africa: Giving Water to Pride 'n Purpose Preschool

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Pride ‘n Purpose (PnP) is Ulusaba Game Reserve’s charitable arm committed to helping disadvantaged communities living adjacent to the Sabi Sand Reserve. Originally established in 2003 by members of the Ulusaba family, all the charity’s running expenses are covered by Virgin Limited Edition and Virgin Unite, the Virgin Group’s non-profit foundation.

Your donations go directly toward much-needed projects in our local communities. We estimate that PnP now benefits over 35,000 people across seven communities. Our philosophy is that people are most effectively helped if they are empowered to help themselves, so the emphasis is most definitely on sustainable initiatives.

Our work is divided into four overarching key areas:

Education at all levels

12 preschools built, 2 primary and 1 high school supported, 3 literacy centers constructed

Access to clean and safe water

2 ‘playpumps’ installed, 29 water storage tanks set up (5000 L)

Extracurricular activities for children

soccer and running clubs, school camps during holidays

Support for local entrepreneurs

ongoing sustainable farming projects, sewing club and several local crafters supported

Water is becoming an increasingly scarce resource, not only in our local rural communities but throughout South Africa. We are constantly looking for ways to conserve water, and educate the local communities on conservation in general and protecting biodiversity.

The main problem is that currently all the water stored in tanks at our schools must be boiled before consumption, which means a) more trees chopped down for firewood and b) air pollution.

The kitchen area of the school, where they make the fire to cook food and boil water.

The majority of people living in the villages collect water in these 20 liter cans, from a central point in the village.

With Kohler’s help we can solve this issue by supplying each school and community centre with a Kohler Clarity Water filter to provide clean and safe drinking water for the children.

In terms of a goal – to start with, if we can supply each of our preschools with filters that would be amazing.

We also need your support to bring Kohler Clarity Filtration Sytems
to these other loccations we support and are involved with:

Computer Centres

Planned Digital Learning Centre

Hub with Craft Workshop, Office, Café and Food Gardens

Ulusaba Staff Village