Sudan and Ethiopia - Protecting Tigrean Refugees and IDPs with Clean Water

Protecting Tigrean Refugees with Clean Water

Recently, the Ethiopian government launched a military offensive against a rebellious regional government. Because of the war crisis in Ethiopia, there are close to 100,000 Tigreans that have been displaced. The conflict has created a great humanitarian crisis threatening the life of innocent Tigreans.

An area in eastern Sudan has become a temporary home of tens of thousands of Tigrean refugees who have fled their own country.

In the refugee camp, no clean water source exists. Refugees are sleeping in makeshift tents and in abandoned buildings, some even sleeping outside with no shelter. In many cases children and parents have been separated. Due to lack of safe water supply, the refugees have been suffering from water borne communicable diseases.

Yet we can make a difference in the lives of these refugees. By distributing water filters, we can save lives and help them stay strong during these difficult times. Would you partner with us as we come alongside the Tigrean refugees?