Honduras: In Schools, Water Is Life

“Children are the future of any community. They are worth protecting in their educative stage of life.”

Connect For Water wants to foster the field development of a new product from Business Connect. This is an enhancement to the VWF500 Facility Filter being released under the name of VWF600. This unit automatically back flushes the filter elements, extending the potential life of the system to over 10 years.


Our plan is to work with Inversiones Wolfe Honduras SA de CV; they are product representatives of Business Connect that work primarily in water wells and water purification in one of the areas of highest need in Honduras. As a continuing social project developed by their company, and with the help of several large donors, “Agua Limpia para las Escuelas” has been endorsed by the Ministry of Education and has already donated and installed nearly 400 – bucket filter systems into small, rural Honduran public schools. Along with providing the filters, the children also receive an interactive lesson on why drinking only pure water is vital to a healthy life. We want to advance their project to the next level.

 In this next phase of the project, we want to focus on 10 larger public schools, (each school with a student enrollment of between 500 and 900 students), installing one VWF600 System in each of them. This filter system provides a large flow of purified drinking water, and with the auto-cleaning feature will not need someone to back flush and maintain the filter. In the past, the lack of a committed person to do this has been the weak link in the project’s success. The new VFF600 will eliminate this aspect of the human element.

The 10 facility filters will benefit over 9000 students in rural schools. This does not include family members. If they bring purified water home to their families, which we encourage, it could make the reach of this project around 35,000 people.

Beyond these 10 units, there are 300+ additional schools in Siguatepeque and Tegucigalpa we’d like to target. Like many areas of the world, pure water is a critical need. The phase of the project is ready to move forward as soon as funding is in place.

We need $20,000 to ship the 10 filtration systems ($2,000 per unit), along with $10,000 to arrange installation, implementation, and follow up visits over the next six months to make sure the systems are being correctly maintained and working properly.

The Water Is Life Honduran Schools Project

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The Water Is Life Honduran Schools Project

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