Uganda and Kenya - Building Water Filters and Water Businesses

Over 200 million hours are spent looking for clean drinking water each day.

(according to research by the United Nations)

With this in mind, We Make Impact is on a mission to co-create a world where everyone has access to clean water and no one lives in poverty. 

In Uganda & Kenya, they teach people how to build biosand water filters and water businesses, providing access to the skills, tools, and resources to build filters for sale in the community & break out of the poverty cycle. 

Within 1 week, a local entrepreneur passes the Filter Fountain assembly, maintenance, and sales tests through hands-on training with their experienced entrepreneurs.  

Over the course of a month, the entrepreneurs go through biosand and sales training to become a self sufficient and profitable business. We Make Impact offers ongoing support as they grow their business including access to our partnerships, raw material discounts, Knowledge Library, and many more perks. 

 This approach empowers Water Entrepreneurs to sustainably get more and more people access to clean water – creating jobs & a ripple effect of positive change!