Yemen - Fighting Cholera with Clean Water

Fighting the Cholera Outbreak with Clean Water

Clean water is a need around the world, but sometimes there are disasters that make this need even more critical. The Yemen Relief and Reconstruction Foundation (YRRF) who are taking action to help in Yemen. Currently, the country is experiencing the largest recorded cholera outbreak with over 2.3 million suspected cases. Additionally, various other water borne diseases are common and are resulting in malnutrition, especially among the children.  Providing clean water is key to preventing the spread of cholera and diarrheal diseases as well as improving the population’s health and reducing the risk of malnutrition.

Yemen Relief and Reconstruction Foundation is working to reduce morbidity and mortality in the hardest hit communities in Yemen. They are doing this by distributing Village Water Filters in addition to food and other supplies. The YRRF has distributed water filters to multiple areas including to Internally Displaced Populations. The members of the communities who received the water filters were able to provide clean water to their families, ensuring that they stay healthy and their children have a much lower risk of becoming malnourished.  

They have had a great impact in Yemen, but they have received even more requests from multiple communities for water filters. The YRRF has goals to expand their reach with clean water. They hope to scale up access to clean water, but can not do this without your support. Would you like to partner with us as we come alongside the Yemen Relief and Reconstruction Foundation?