Today was just another day except it wasn’t.  As I descended the stairs of our commercial building, still undergoing major construction, instead of the sound of hammers and saws, I heard conversation and laughter.  Our first group of Spectrum Human Services Health volunteers were on site. They were assembling water filter kits. Three hours later 450 water filter kits had been assembled that would be shipped out the next day to India and Guatemala. 

The value of our partners like Business Connect is the international distribution network.  We are able to send and distribute clean and safe water solutions to the most remote parts of the world and to the most needy and vulnerable.  However, of necessity, Village Water Filters has taken on the assembly and packaging of the water filters. The last two years they have collaborated with Twenty Liters. This organization provided the space, volunteers, and systems to put the water filter kits together.  It has now come fully into our space and become the responsibility of Village Water Filters.

Together, we welcome businesses, social networks, schools, various groups, all different age groups, to volunteer three hours at a time.  In that time frame we can assemble several hundred filter kits. This is essential for Village Water Filters to keep the cost down for sending these filters.  It also brings the opportunity for regular people to make a tangible difference in the lives of real people around the world. 

If you come visit us in Grand Rapids, we would welcome your participation.  Whether you are one or twenty, you can make a difference. Please connect with us if you are interested in being a part of our work.