Michelle took a two-week safari visiting reserves in both South Africa and Botswana and had the opportunity to visit school children at their schools. While she was there, she learned that none of these school children had access to clean water in their classrooms.

The school she visited while on the safari was a destination for some supplies she had brought to give to the school through Packed for a Purpose. Michelle wanted to something that would have a lasting impact on the school and all the kids that attend. She wanted a sustainable solution to the problem she had witnessed first-hand.

Michelle felt strong enough about what she experienced and decided to get herself in contact with someone about how water filters can be provided for these school children. Through our partnership with Kohler, Michelle was able to figure out that the Kohler Clarity filter would be the best filter that was suitable for the needs of a classroom and who can help get the filters there.

Business Connect’s Global Director in South Africa was able to identify a local distributor Business Connect works with and then figure out the delivery of the filters based on how much money was raised through Michelle’s Championed Project.

Michelle’s drive to make change in people’s lives was partnered with our vast network of local distributors that all are helping to build local and lasting economic potential.

Once the funds were together the filters were shipped and donated to Mabele Primary School. After having the filters installed in the seven classrooms the school had, an article was written by a government paper about how much good this is doing for the students.

The filters installed helped the 192 students get access to clean water from the classroom. Community members stressed how important these filters are in helping to stop the spread of waterborne illness. Before the filters were donated, students were simply drinking from an open bucket when they needed water. The filters have made the drinking water safe, the benefits to students’ learning will be reflected in better performance through their education.

One of the students attending the school said that “she was not only happy, but also felt blessed to be receiving such a donation.”

Michelle’s passion for making change in people’s lives because of the conditions she witnessed in these schools was connected with the right people abroad that are looking to spread a product that is helping to improve people’s lives while supporting local economies and local growth.