Families in Mukuru have been able to purchase filters for themselves since 2017 because of Douglas Mukisa, a local distributor working in Kenya, which has led to many families now gaining access to clean, drinkable water. The initial shipment was sold at a subsidized rate, which got the filters into the hands of the families that need them, and people started to spread the word.

Douglas Mukisa, age 40, worked with Community Health Volunteers (CHVs) to distribute 2,500 Kohler Clarity filters in Mariguini, Makuru Slum, Nairobi, Kenya, February 23, 2019.

The success of the filters for families even garnered attention from an NGO operated clinic run inside of Mukuru. The clinic wrote a letter and called Douglas to thank everyone for the work they’re doing because of the positive impact on people’s health the filters are having. Less people are going to the clinic with health issues that can be prevented by water that’s been filtered or treated. Over time, however, the price for filters has begun to become an inhibiting factor for families wanting to get access to clean water.

Community Health Volunteer (CHV) Moses Murithi, age 46, and his wife Grace Njambi, age 41, purchased the Kohler Clarity filter in 2017 for use by their three children in their home in Mariguini, Makuru Slum, Nairobi, Kenya, February 23, 2019.

In an effort to help the concerns around this rising cost, Douglas is working on a partnership with a local bank that could offer small short term loans to Mukuru residents who could then buy a filter with the money and provide clean and safe water for their family.

This partnership would not only allow filters to become more accessible to the community, but also increase the reach that Douglas can distribute filters, allowing filters to get to more locations outside of Mukuru.

Because Douglas wants to keep things community focused, the families who purchase filters through the loans will be supported through the help of community organizations that will help to make sure that everyone who gets a filter can keep it by not defaulting on the loan.

This connection will help strengthen the community, and allow people to band together to support clean water for every family in Mukuru and beyond.

The work that Douglas does is always growing, because to provide sustainable solutions to clean water, the focus needs to be on long term development and change. To help invest in people living in Mukuru and support their ability to get clean water, all it takes is five dollars per month for a year to provide five people with clean water for five years.

If you want to help, become a Water Sponsor today. You can also donate directly to Douglas’ project in Mukuru to expand their goal to bring clean water to those in need.