When Pastor Prasad began work in the mountainous area called Eastern Ghats in India, he found that many people who were living there were struggling to get access to clean drinking water. They would often drink from open wells, canals and streams which were muddy and dirty. These sources would become even worse during the rainy season, often overflowing with debris.

One day, the pastor received a water filter from one of his friends. He brought it back to the village and they were so happy for the opportunity to drink clean water. This gave Pastor Prasad an idea. He decided to work with this friend to raise funds for water filters to distribute to the mountain villages. They heard about the work of Connect for Water and decided to partner with us to create a Championed Project. Through our platform and your generous help, they were able to raise funds to provide clean water to many more mountain villages.

They provided water filters to the local families while also introducing them to Jesus. As Pastor Prasad demonstrated how to use the water filter, all the people in the village came to see the filter and hear his story. He explained that the filter changes the dirty water to clean water just as God changes our dirty life to new life.

A few months after each distribution, Pastor Prasad returned to the villages for a follow up. He saw a huge impact in the lives of those in the villages. Before using the water filters, they often were sick, some having diarheaa and others having typhoid. There were also people that died from the dirty water. They now were able to live healthier lives.

We plan to continue partnering with Pastor Prasad to provide clean drinking water to as many people as possible. Through our support, Pastor Prasad has already been able to distribute more than 500 filters over six years. Yet there are still thousands of villages thoughout the mountains that are still suffering from the effects of dirty water. These villages have stream water sources that are driven by gravity, so if one Village Filter is installed, the whole village will receive access to clean drinking water. Will you partner with us to help more rural villages in India?