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Bringing clean water to those in need.

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A Plan That Came Together

The goal of Connect for Water’s partner Business Connect is to bring clean water solutions to  people across the globe through sustainable business plans. We also celebrate success stories for when the plan works.

Mr. Walsh from the US contacted Darin, our Area Director of Sales for Africa, wanting to get help for Pastor Victor. Pastor Victor was struggling with water issues after the recent flooding at his orphanage in the rural community of Migoriwith in Kenya. They house 58 children (plus caregivers).

Because of our growing network worldwide, Darin made a simple call to Peris Abner – a new BC rep in the rural Kenya town of Kisii and the closest local distributor at only 60km away; with the needed inventory for the orphanage.

She was able to get the filters to Pastor Victor quickly and efficiently.

Mr. Walsh simply made a tax-deductible donation to our sister non-profit – Connect For Water – which then in turn arranged for the implementation of the plan, empowering our local teams to facilitate the final delivery of filters.

A pure win for all parties involved.

To Re-Cap:

  • An individual seeing the need and choosing to go beyond himself to meet the need, put the Business Connect Family to work, stimulating local economy; all while getting clean water solutions to those in need.
  • In this case 58+ individuals are now drinking bacteria free water and don’t have to travel the 18 km daily to collect safe water like they were doing.
  • Peris herself had been interested in becoming a distributor for over a year but didn’t have the funds to buy initial inventory, so thru donor money, she was granted 10 Village filters to get started. And now is a critical link in this chain of productivity.
  • There are many others hoping for the same boost. If you would like to be a part of their futures and get involved, This event happened only because of people like you that championed water filters for others. Click here to learn how you can become a C4W Champion. Click here to learn about other types of water filters available through our business partner, Business Connect, Inc. Connect with us to learn more about our water projects and how you can become a part of them – worldwide.