In the wake of Cyclone Idai displacing thousands and ravaging infrastructure across Mozambique, assessments are being made to what kinds of relief and to what degree need to be distributed across the country.

Business Connect’s partner in Mozambique, who’s working with Dorcas and UNICEF for funding to get filters and get them in the hands of the people, has been trying to get an idea of who needs filters and how many they’ll need. Going in, our partner, Ajodama, has gotten 500 home filters and 4 facility filters into the hands of people in need of clean water.

The facility filters are currently being utilized as a temporary emergency solution that’s being carried around the region to help filter water in different villages in need of water now before home filters are distributed to them.

With the filters that have been distributed, both Dorcas and UNICEF have been very happy with the results, seeing positive feedback from those who are getting filters, and also getting an idea of what’s needed moving forward based on assessments that can be made as road access is restored.

As assessments are being made to capture the scope of how many filters are needed. More filters will be ordered by distributors in-country to fulfill the need presented by the damage done.

One group in the north of Mozambique has been working to get a large shipment of filters from our partner in-country, but they say that due to road conditions and flooding it is more difficult to get filters out and assess the damage as they go.

Relief efforts have been ongoing because two more cyclones have made landfall since Idai, displacing thousands more people and devastating infrastructure that has been flooded or destroyed.

As other groups all help to repair Mozambique’s infrastructure and restore public health for all those affected by the cyclones, we continue our commitment to helping to make an impact in countries that are in need of disaster relief, providing sustainable solutions for clean water that will make a lasting impact.

Give to our Disaster Relief Fund now so that we can respond at a moment’s notice to bring clean water to those in need in the wake of tragedy.