K-5 students from Grand Manan Elementary School, along with a generous matched donation from the Grand Manan Rotary Club allowed Connect for Water to provide clean, safe water to an entire school in the Dominican Republic and the surrounding neighborhood.

Our team went down to the Dominican Republic to help install the water filters in the school. We were able to put filters in every classroom at the school, including even in the administrative office.

Now that the filters are installed, every child has clean, safe water to drink during the school day. The students can focus better, they don’t miss as many school days from being sick, and don’t have to go to the doctor as much because of unsafe water.

water filters in the school

While we were there, we also worked in the bateys with Hatian immigrants that live on roughly $1 per day. Having clean water available in their homes is truly life changing for these families.

Hatian immigrants

Connect for Water would like to thank the students at Grand Manan Elementary and the Grand Manan Rotary Club for their commitment to providing clean, safe water around the world.