Fitah’s Story

Fitah’s Story

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Bringing clean water to those in need.
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Fitah’s Story

Fitah is a young man from Madagascar in his upper 20’s who studied music in the US before going back home to teach it.  He realized a couple years into running his music institute that he wanted to do more to help the people of his country.  After getting introduced to Business Connect’s Africa Director through a mutual colleague, Fitah and a couple business partners put together a plan for marketing water filters to NGOs working all over Madagascar and selling them to individuals in the capital city.

The one big thing that was lacking was seed capital to buy the initial inventory to get the business off the ground.  With a donor funded loan through Business Connect, Fitah and his partners were able to procure an initial shipment of Clarity and Village water filters.

They have utilized some local marketing students to help develop sales strategies and have been busy implementing those ideas over the last 6 months.  The road hasn’t been smooth or easy, but they have learned a lot about what does and doesn’t work.

Fitah has been able to set up a small business to give back to the people of Madagascar because of the generosity of donors in the US who see the benefit of creating businesses as a way of delivering aid and hope around the world.  The initial funding is being paid back to BC as products are sold, in order to enable this to be replicated elsewhere in the world.

This is a great work that benefits the people of Madagascar And yet, there is still many more individuals and families that need access to clean, safe drinking water. This event happened only because of people like you that championed water filters for others. Click here to learn how you can become a C4W Champion. Click here to learn about other types of water filters are available through our business partner, Business Connect, Inc. Connect with us to learn more about our water projects and how you can become a part of them – worldwide.