Honduras: Providing for the Rural Communities of Lepaterique

Honduras: Providing for the Rural Communities of Lepaterique

Honduras: Providing for the Rural Communities of Lepaterique

Safe Water for rural communities of Lepaterique, Francisco Morazán, Honduras

To increase access to safe water for 300 families in seven communities of the Municipality of Lepaterique, Francisco Morazán through the support of Kohler Clarity water filters.


The Municipality of Lepaterique, located south of the Department of Francisco Morazán has a total population of 13,415 inhabitants, their communities depend mostly on agriculture (corn, beans, vegetables) as well as the exploitation and sale of resin. Their water sources come from the mountains where the main rivers form, water that is consumed by families. The responsible institutions, mainly the SANAH and the Ministry of Health do not carry out water quality analysis to ensure that water is safe for consumption, nor do they carry out actions for the protection of water sources and wastewater treatment.

Families are not aware of the problems caused by untreated water, so they consume it directly from a series of pipes through which it reaches their homes; children under 5 years of age (especially with gastrointestinal diseases) and the elderly are more vulnerable to water-borne diseases.


Working with the ASEAR Company (the area representative for Business Connect) that provides water treatment and purification products, ChildFund International, USA in Honduras and the ADAL in coordination with the government health services that operate in the different sectors of the Municipality of Lepaterique, manifest the need to promote actions on water management, with water treatment and purification methods, responding to the demand of the population in communities with higher indicators of gastrointestinal diseases, all due to the low quality of drinking water, which is affected by sediment from agricultural production and little coverage of human waste treatment systems in water producing communities.


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Support Clean Drinking Water in the Developing World


KOHLER’s Clarity water filter filters out more that 99% of all bacteria & protozoa while providing up to 40 liters of safe water daily – enough for a small family.

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