Madagascar — Cyclone Batsirai

Madagascar — Cyclone Batsirai

Special Need for Those Affected by Cyclone Batsirai

Madagascar Cyclone


Please Consider donating. The people of Madagascar need your help.

confirmed deaths

homes damaged

living in temporary relief shelters

Cyclone Batsirai, the second tropical storm in two weeks, made landfall on the East Coast of Madagascar on February 5th and 6th. It brought heavy winds and rain, which flooded many communities previously experiencing drought in Southern Madagascar. In the words of Francis Adja, regional director of Mercy Ministries South Africa, 

“The town [of Mananjary] is 95% destroyed. People are forced out of their houses because their houses were flooded to the roof.”

The team at Mercy Ministries are working hard to prepare emergency packages for those most affected by the disaster. The VF100 water filter is an essential part of these emergency packages because cholera and other waterborne diseases are a high risk. With your support, we can provide life-giving water filters to help these communities. By donating to the relief effort, you will be directly aiding families most affected by these storms. 

Will you partner with us in our goal of giving hope to the Malagasy people today?

Honduras – Hurricane Eta

Honduras – Hurricane Eta

Special Need for Those Affected by Hurricane Eta

Honduras Hurricane


HELP NOW. Hondurans need access to clean and safe water.

confirmed deaths

million directly affected

people missing

bridges down, cutting off communities

From November 3rd to 5th, 2020, Hurrican Eta brought heavy rains to much of Central America. Honduras was especially impacted because they already had major flooding. Hurricane Eta was very slow moving and the continual heavy rains caused many mudslides, washing away many homes and cutting off communities from much needed support.

We believe that we can provide hope in this situation. We have many partners already in the country that we can equip with clean water solutions. We are focusing on distributing VF100 Water Filters, which were certified by the WHO and named best for disaster relief by the HIF. By donating, you will be able to provide those in need with clean water when everything else was washed away.

Would you partner with us to provide hope to those in need?

Worldwide – COVID-19

Worldwide – COVID-19

Working to Support Those Affected by the Pandemic

COVID-19 Crisis Response

One dollar is one mask.

And one mask is one person safe.

total cases

countries affected

reported deaths

COVID-19 has affected millions of people around the world. Some are fortunate to have kept their jobs, but others struggle to make ends meet. We especially are thinking of those in developing countries who might not have access to basic sanitation and hygiene facilities or adequate medical care. They may even lack clean water for washing their hands or other cleaning essentials. With this in mind, we have decided to expand our work to also distribute masks. With only a dollar, you can provide a mask to protect someone from the virus.

Can you spare a dollar to help others in need during this uncertain time?

Puerto Rico – Earthquake

Puerto Rico – Earthquake

Special Need for Those Affected by Historic Earthquake

Puerto Rico Earthquake


HELP NOW. Puerto Ricans need access to clean and safe water.

earthquake magnitude

tremors felt this year in Puerto Rico

On January 7, 2020, a record breaking earthquake shook the island of Puerto Rico. It devastated the infrastructure of the southwest side of the island and left thousands without shelter and access to clean water. In the following days, tremors continued, making it difficult to begin the work to rebuild.

Yet we believe that we can provide hope in this situation. We are partnering with a local church to provide Kohler Clarity Water Filter Systems and replacement cartridges. These systems will be distributed to families so that they can drink clean water and avoid the many water-borne illnesses.

Would you partner with us to provide hope to those in need?

Bahamas – Hurricane Dorian

Bahamas – Hurricane Dorian

Hurricane Dorian

Impacting the Bahamas

Hurricane Dorian Devastation


We have partners on the ground. Your support will immediately help those impacted by this hurricane.


mph wind speed

reported deaths

A Note from Our Founder

Anyone who has taken a cruise in the Caribbean has probably stopped in Freeport, The Bahamas. It is where Jan and I did our scuba diving.  It is where I went parasailing. We purchased conch shells and enjoyed the food and dancing …but now the island is devastated. 

The great irony is that the island is surrounded by water, flood waters are everywhere and not a drop to drink. The governor said and I quote, “Please, we do not want you to send us water, send us water filters.” We want to do that! We are prepared to do that. 

Can you spare a $50.00 bill so that we can provide a water filter to be delivered to a family through active groups like the Red Cross? We are already in consultation with a number of existing agencies on the ground. Your donation will pay for the filter, shipping, and delivery to those who desperately need clean and safe water.