Kenya Flood Response

Kenya Flood Response

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Bringing clean water to those in need.
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Kenya Flood Response

In the last six months, thousands of families have been displaced, seeking refuge from the massive flooding throughout Kenya. Heavy rains have been pounding all parts of Kenya to provoke this kind of migration, leaving people without homes, food, and clean water. Temporary camps were set up to help provide relief to these families. Yet that did not protect them from their first, dire obstacle: the mission to find clean water.

In response to this natural disaster, Connect For Water sought the help of our community to raise money for the people of Kenya. This money would provide disaster relief in the form of various water filtration systems to a community in need of desperate help. With the help from generous donations of supporters, Connect For Water raised enough money to contribute significantly to a community in Kenya.

Partnering with Business Connect and Japmor to distribute and implement, over 500 families were given access to clean water. The filters were also placed in eight centers, five schools, five administrative offices, and three churches.

Taking an average of 5 persons per family, and when we include schools, churches and offices, over 2,000 people will be impacted with this donation. These filters provided a way for families to be able to have some set of normalcies. Knowing their water is safe to drink. Knowing their children will not get sick because of contaminated water. Knowing that the first obstacle is overcome. Knowing that there are people who cared enough to help when disaster struck their world.

This victory did not happen without the help of many people. Thank you to Business Connect for partnering with us and managing the distribution of the water filtration systems. Thank you to Japmor for traveling the difficult road to the community and delivering the water filters, while also teaching them how to use it. Thank you to Kohler, Village Water Filters, and DayOne Response for providing the filters.

A special THANK YOU to all the donors who gave.


This would not have happened without you. You have made a difference in so many people’s lives. You have helped them go from victims to survivors. We appreciate you being a part of our community.

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