Effecting Change for 119 People in Honduras

Effecting Change for 119 People in Honduras

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Bringing clean water to those in need.
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The Municipality of Lepaterique, LM Honduras

In recent weeks we have seen the results of generosity, action and implementation of a large team of people and the impact of Kohler Clarity Water Filters. The C4W network in collaboration with individuals from Kohler, Inc., the Safe Water Project, ASER Foundation / ChildFund International, USA in Honduras knows that 20 families now have access to clean, safe water to drink.

The community of Guayabal in the Municipality of Lepaterique, LM Honduras, where these families live, like many is challenged to access safe water. The need of many is profound. But with the help from people that cared enough to take action and champion this cause, 20 families from this community (119 individuals) can live healthier lives.

There is a plan in place for following-up and monitoring the proper use of the filters and tracking health indicators of the families via The Development Association of the Area of Lepaterique (ADAL) and their local staff.

This is a great work that benefits these 119 individuals and the community at large. And yet, there is still many more individuals and families that need access to clean, safe drinking water. This event happened only because of people like you that championed water filters for others. Click here to learn how you can become a C4W Champion. Click here to learn about other types of water filters are available through our business partner, Business Connect, Inc. Connect with us to learn more about our water projects and how you can become a part of them – worldwide.