Donate Your Birthday

Use Facebook to organize donations to bring clean water to those in need.

Did you know that Facebook allows you to donate your birthday? It’s an opportunity to engage your friends with a cause you’re passionate about, and a great way to raise money to help give people clean, safe water!

Right now, Connect for Water is in the process of attaining 501c3 status, which we expect to happen within the next year or so. Unfortunately, that means that right now you can’t simply select “Connect for Water” from the list of nonprofits provided by Facebook to donate your birthday. However, there’s an easy way you can still do so.

Steps to add a fundraiser to Facebook for Connect for Water

Step 1: Start by finding the Fundraisers tab on the left side of your Facebook homepage. (see screenshot here)

Step 2: On the Fundraisers page, select, “Raise Money.” (see screenshot here)

Step 3: In the window that pops up, select that you are raising money for yourself. You’re raising the money to then donate to us through our Give page. (see screenshot here)

Step 4: Next, you can put a title and description of your fundraiser, and why you’re choosing to donate to Connect for Water. (see screenshot here)

Step 5: After that, it’ll ask you to select a photo for your fundraiser. Then click confirm. (see screenshot here)

That’s it! You’re all set to share your fundraiser on Facebook and give people the gift of life-enhancing water filtration products for your birthday.

Thank You for donating to Connect for Water for your birthday!
The impact will last for years.